What is Wowoo?

One small inspiration can change the world.

Wowoo is a token economy-based ecosystem which designed to breath in new value into inspiring projects using blockchain technology. We are the only one community in the world, which is truly committed to spreading blockchain technology to create financial value towards good deeds of a people which is difficult to be credited in our current financial system. We believe with the use of blockchain technology, the world will be a better place as various projects can be promoted in a reasonable way.

Wowoo Ecosystem

What is Wowoo ecosystem?

We promote good deeds of a people and expand the circle of inspirations and gratitude around the world inside our social community. Wowoo Ecosystem is a one-stop solution for the coming token economy which dedicates to connecting project owners and supporters who are willing to make the world a better place with blockchain.


What are the components of Wowoo Ecosystem?

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    1.Wowbit (WWB)

    Wowbit (WWB) is the native token of Wowoo community, which represents the wish to create a better society using blockchain. By owning WWB, users can get various benefits from the community. Also, WWB will be flexibly customizable in the future using SAC (Smart Active Control) function depending on its usage.

    Exchange to WWB
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    2.Wowoo Platform

    Anyone can create tokens and white papers easily using services Wowoo Platform provides. The platform covers all the process required from design and issuing tokens to sales, by providing KYC/AML check tools and a purchaser management tool. We will provide a portfolio management tool, on top of the purchase history, to customers who purchase tokens in the future.

    What can I do on Wowoo Platform?
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    3.Wowoo Community

    Our community matches projects on the Platform and the supporters. Both the projects and users can reach out to each other in purpose of expanding the project for the better.
    Users can share their thoughts, evaluate, and share their experience with the project while checking the progress of the project in a closer distance compared to other projects ran individually.

    Support projects
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    4.Wowoo Exchange

    An exchange service will support creating liquidity and circulation of various tokens that supports to create more joy to the world. We aim to create an environment where tokens can be exchanged and traded more casually in various parts of the world.

    Wowoo Exchange
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    5.Wowoo Marketing Support

    Wowoo Evangelists are unique partners of the community whom are willing to spread your unique project to the world. We also can support the project with flexible partnerships accordingly to the project needs, scales, budgets, etc to run a successful project.

    *About Wowoo Evangelists
    Wowoo have an authorization system for our marketing partners. Wowoo Evangelist will encourage your project to gain more support by explaining and spreading the splendor of the project properly in their own community.
    What’s Wowoo Evangelists?
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    6.Wowoo Tools

    We provide various tools to extend the functionality of the blockchain project, such as Wallet service (Wowoo Wallet), blockchain phone (Wowoo Call), Dapps and more. No special skills are required to make use of the tools so that everyone can enjoy the benefit of blockchain.

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Wowoo Platform

Wowoo Platform allows anyone without technical skill to issue his/her own tokens conveniently and launch their blockchain project.

Process flow of fundraising

Pre-application of your project

Main tools and services

  • Token creation tool

    Issue tokens by answering simple surveys and control smart contracts with SAC!

  • White paper creation tool

    Whitepapers can be created and edited easily based on the templates!

  • Project page creation tool

    Your own project page can be created in the platform by filling up key questions!

  • KYC information management tool

    Manage the client information of your token sale and generate a whitelist.

  • Consulting support

    We provide a wide range of support from business planning support, legal / finance advice and to token listing strategy.

  • Creation and operation support of websites for project announcement

    We offer total support from creation of your own project website to its operation after it is launched.

  • Implementation and management support of token sales

    We support you for smooth implementation and management with a help desk at the time of token sales, storage of issued tokens and so on.

*Some tools are still under development.