Developing SAC system and issuing new token


Today we are excited to announce a very important update for our supporters.

As Wowoo project has started from 2017 and have made it this far as a startup, we believe most of you are aware of one of the core technology inside Wowoo Platform Service, which we have indicated inside our Whitepaper as the Smart Active Control (SAC) feature.
This technology is aimed to develop a revolutionary system whereas complicated Smart Contracts development can be done easily and by anyone. By using blockchain technology, we believe SAC will enable its users to experience truly fair means to exchange “credits” in our coming new society, by being able to customize Special Resolution system and Covenants control for example.

With regards to the SAC system development, we have been looking into possibilities to build it on NEO platform, as we have initially switched over to NEO blockchain for the faster TPS and growth of its community, however, we have concluded that it is impossible to be built on NEO platform at the moment. As we will be needing this feature for supporting government related projects in US and Malaysia for example, we hereby announce that we will be developing our SAC system separately on Ethereum platform which is the only option available at this point, until we release our mainnet blockchain (Scheduled 2019).

With this change, we will be issuing a new token on Ethereum blockchain as ERC20 standard token.
Compared to the current Wowbit token (WWB) which will work rather by the side of our users, in which being able to receive airdrops of our community projects and exchange as a way to express our gratitude, our new token to be issued is expected to circulate mainly as a token which benefits the project owners (token issuers).

As recent crypto market condition is critical, the true value of ICO tokens are now being asked. We prioritise our service development which we believe will definitely be appreciated upon the new grand opening of the blockchain era, which are to come soon.

We will be providing our newly issued token to the users who have believed and contributed to our project, accordingly to the amount of WWB owned. As the cross-chain technology is not yet developed, we cannot automate this process of airdropping, however, we will be opening a special website for this hopefully within the year, so please look forward to the further updates on this topic.

We truly appreciate everyone’s support.

Wowoo Team

[Token Detail]*
Token Name: Wowbit Classic (WWBC)
Token Type: ERC20 Standard
Token Issuance: 3,333,333,333

*Please note that this is not final, there may be changes.

AEN from ZEN project to be listed!


It is our honour to announce that AEN token from ZEN project will make its first listing on TokenX exchange.

We are very excited as this will be the first listing from the Wowoo community.

Please visit ZEN project's website for further details and updates.

ZEN Project:


Collaboration with ACU (The American Conservative Union)

Collaboration with ACU (The American Conservative Union)

Memorable day has come! Today, it is our great honour to announce that we will be cooperating with ACU (The American Conservative Union), the greatest supporter of The Republican Party in the United States, based on Wowoo Platform.
From this point, we will enhance our relationship with the country of United States of America, and we believe this is the historical event not only for Wowoo but also for the blockchain technology in general.

ACU, founded in 1964, is the oldest and influential conservative organization which functions as leader of all conservative organizations with its extraordinary power towards presidential election and pre-election. Moreover, ACUF (American Conservative Union Foundation), a part of the political organization The American Conservative Union operating as think-tank, and ACU-PAC (The American Conservative Union Political Action Committee) are proactively spreading conservative ideas and policies to the society by level of government, congress, state legislature, and through political candidate, lobbying, and social media. Once again, ACU’s policies, which prioritize national defense and one’s liberty, responsibility, plenary power, are spreading its influence towards conservatives within the society.

The Asia group of ACU will conduct an ICO focusing liberty based on Wowoo Platform. Cooperating with ACU will bring massive impact to not only United States, where regulations on cryptocurrency are still being concerned, but also for the society. We are certain that this will be the biggest step towards the change of our history and it will spread inspiring value and many more we could never have imagined before to the world.

Moreover for WowBit (WWB) holders, airdrop will be performed in the near future.
More details on the project and airdrop will be announce accordingly.
Please keep track of the updates via Telegram, Twitter (@WowooHQ), and our Website for further details.

Wowoo website:

Wowoo Website Renewal and Platform Update!


Exciting News! We are delighted to announce the renewal of our website as we are getting more prepared of the releasing of our Platform. As a kick-off, we are beginning to receive applications from users whom wish to create their own ICO projects on our platform, and also trial registry to Wowoo Evangelists, starting from today.

Moreover, we are pleased to announce that currently distributed Wowbit (WWB) token holders will be invited to an airdrop promotion activities scheduled to take place in mid-October along with the platform update!

Wowoo Platform is our core service to be provided, which will not only match the ICO projects and its supporters, but also provide various tools and business opportunities for all its community members.

Some of the key features for the ICO project owners are:
・Generating individual tokens
・Creating whitepaper
・Building marketing strategy
・Conducting token sales
・KYC/AML verifications
・Listing token on exchanges

Every project under Wowoo Platform is based on blockchain technology and provides variety of utilities giving users and participants more choices and flexibility within its field and the service. Right now, many projects, such as LIFEX, ZEN, FOUR NINE, OTO-SEN, and others are listed on our platform, and once the platform is further developed, the users who joins the platform will be able to interact with many other projects more closely and get different benefits. As our society is rapidly changing, we believe there will be many more projects joining our community and will be providing valuable features and services for the better society.

Evangelist is a person who wishes to support and contribute to a project, community, company or product, etc. inside Wowoo Platform to others. Evangelists will be a great support to the ICO projects in reaching out to people across the world to advertise the potential and features of the project. Evangelists will in return benefit from the project too and form a win-win relation. A certified Evangelists will be able to receive even more exclusive services and privileges. We welcome anybody who wishes to join our community as an evangelist to submit their applications. Please look forward to as more detailed information and activities will be announced accordingly to the system development of our platform.

Last but not least, we are constructing Airdrop system for Wowbit (WWB) holders. The system will be released progressively. Please keep track of the updates via Telegram, Twitter, and our Website for further details.

ZEN Token Sale is Closed


Thank you to all participants.
ZEN token sale is closed for reaching soft-cap.

For further information, please check ZEN Foundation website.

ZEN Token Sale Will Open Today!


We are very excited to announce that Wowoo produced project “ZEN” will be officially conducting their token sale starting today, 5th September 2018 11:00 UTC+0100.

ZEN will bring donation to the world in simpler form by new type of service that utilizes blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

We believe that this project will enhance the donation field to become much more familiar to our lives and it is one of our ultimate use cases of Wowoo platform to bring gratitude throughout the world.

For more information, please visit:

Wowbit Deposit Service to be launched


It is our honor to announce that Wowbit (WWB), the native token of Wowoo ecosystem, will officially be accepted as a currency to join the Cloud Mining Service "OKfinc mempool" operated by OKfinc Ltd.* in cooperation by Cloud Coin Hong Kong Co., Ltd.**

By depositing WWB to its OKfinc mempool, which will provide cloud mining opportunities to miners with extremely high spec mining machine, users will be able to earn interest accordingly to the mining results. The annual performance interest rates has been from 180% to 450% so far.

The service is estimated to be released between end of September to beginning of October, 2018.

We are truly excited to provide a new usage for Wowbit token to the public, and hope this will be a great opportunity for more people to get involved in the blockchain space.

We look very forward to providing not only good returns, but also further attracting contents together with the partnership.

Information of OKfinc's cloud mining service

*OKfinc Ltd. is a blockchain consulting company based in Malaysia (100% subsidiary of Japanese public company OKWAVE).

**Coin Hong Kong Co., Ltd. is a blockchain incubator and mining company based in China.

ZEN Project to open Token Sale!


We are very excited to inform that Wowoo produced project “Zen” will be officially conducting their token sale starting from September 5th, 2018.

ZEN project envisions to develop ZEN Charity Platform, which is a new blockchain utilization type platform that removes the inconvenience and psychological obstacles from people who intend to donate, and makes donation culture more familiar.

As Fujimaru Nichols, CEO of Wowoo Pte. Ltd., is one of the council members of Zen project, we aim to support the project which will be an excellent role model as the blockchain usecase. The project is sure to be spreading the circle of inspiring value that we support in our ecosystem.

Conducting their token sale as follows;
Token Sale Opening: 5th September 2018 11:00 UTC+0100
Token Sale Closing: 7th September 2018 11:00 UTC+0100

For more information, please visit:

Wowoo donates WWBs to Universiti Teknologi Malaysi

It is our honor to announce that we are donating WWB tokens to Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, which is one of the top Malaysian universities specialized in technology located in Johor, Malaysia.

The donation is made to accelerate its blockchain research activities, which is expected to establishing a joint project based on our platform.

We are truly grateful for the opportunity to corporate with an academic institution, and spread blockchain technology from such an energetic country for the better society.

WWB Token will be listed on CoinEx


It is our pleasure to announce that WWB token will be listed on CoinEx, Aug. 27th.

We are planning an Airdrop campaign for BCH holders of CoinEx users. The details will be announced both on CoinEx and on our official twitter channel below:

Please note that you cannot store your WWB tokens at CoinEx right now. Please follow the instructions on CoinEx website when announced.

We are also preparing to update more information about other listings and other activities to increase the liquidity of WWB shortly.

Attending Japan and China Blockchain Exchange Conference


Fujimaru Nichols, the CEO of Wowoo Pte. Ltd. will be speaking at Japan and China Blockchain Exchange on August 28th, held in Shinagawa Price Hotel, Tokyo Japan.

There will be presence of Tsukasa Akimoto, Senior Vice-Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as a special guest along with experts from Japan and Chinas’ leading blockchain companies. They will present the future vision of blockchain.

Japan and China Blockchain Exchange Conference

Fuji become an Advisor of GOEN project.


It is our pleasure to announce that Fujimaru Nichols, CEO of Wowoo Pte. Ltd., became an Advisor of GOEN project (, the first public blockchain solution based on entertainment industry in Japan.

GOEN and we had agreed to collaborate with following 4 key areas.
1.Wowoo wallet will accept GOEN token and GOEN wallet will accept WWB.
2.WWB will be accepted by Dapps on GOEN platform and vice versa.
3.GOEN and we will conduct collaborative marketing activities in global scale.
4.Wowoo engineering team and GOEN engineering team will exchange knowledge of blockchain development to enhance technical capabilities.

Through these activities, we expect to increase liquidity of WWB and expand use case of Wowoo platform. “I personally feel sympathy with GOEN project.” Fujimaru Nichols, CEO of Wowoo, states “entertainment is one of the important factors towards creating value and inspiring contents. Our collaboration will create the next entertainment industry.”

WWB Token to be listed on CoinEx


We are thrilled to announce that WWB token will be officially listed on CoinEx ( CoinEx is one of the major digital currency exchange and operates its services in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Currently, CoinEx offers over 100 digital currency trading pairs.

CoinEx was founded in December 2017 as a global and professional digital coin exchange service provider. CoinEx core team are from world leading internet and finance companies, including the earliest adopters and professionals of cryptocurrency who boast rich experience in R&D, global operations and services in the industry. CoinEx provides global trading services in nearly 100 countries/regions.

After WWB token’s first listing on Bit-Z, we had discussed with many world leading digital currency exchanges, and carefully selected CoinEx as the second listing to seek long-term business promotion of Wowoo.

More details on the listing and campaigns on CoinEx will be announced soon. We are also preparing to announce more updates on other listings and other activities to increase the liquidity of WWB shortly.

Update on Wowoo Exchange

Wowoo Exchange

Wowoo Exchange is a project which aims to contribute to maximising the liquidity within the token economy which shall become more mainstream in the world, inside the ecosystem of Wowoo.

As a concept, we intend to spread our exchanges throughout the world, mainly in Europe, SE Asia, and USA in the form of FC, PLP and JV. We also are looking into handling fiat currency and security tokens in our exchanges, and to combining KYC procedures of our exchanges and other Wowoo ICO projects.

Wowoo Exchange will originate from Singapore, a country not only known as the nation of finance and international hub, but also friendly to the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency. As of now, we are currently under consultation from the MAS and are under applying for the financial licenses. Our rigorous inspections and reviews on the compliance and security is in its final stage, and we currently are proceeding to set up our exchanges in Hong Kong, UK, USA and Latvia.

For the purpose of building a detailed structure and expanding our exchanges to wider areas to bring in local markets around the world, we are currently scheduled to conduct the public sale of Wowoo Exchange Token (WWX) in mid September, and aiming to release exchange service opening around the end of October, 2018.

Our project foundation building process is going very well, although it is taking some time as we must deal with different regulations around the world relating finance and cryptocurrency, and we do expect to update our website and whitepapers to release further information on the project within this month.

LIFEX Presale is now Open!


We are very excited to inform you that the first Wowoo produced project “Lifex” will be officially conducting their token presale starting today.

Lifex aims to contribute to our society by connecting medical bio data and researchers to collectively study and provide better treatments all over the world.

As Wowoo and Lifex will be co-relating as a project deeply, we will be making our best effort to support its success also.

For more information, please visit:

Release of Wowoo Platform β version

We are thrilled to announce that we have been able to start operating and providing Service Operators (Project producers) of some of the contents from Wowoo Platform as the β version, which will become one of the main pillar of Wowoo ecosystem!!

As the aim of Wowoo project itself is to build a community where anyone with an idea can issue new tokens or make use of blockchain technology to contribute in making a better society, Wowoo Platform bears the function of allowing easy and simple usability to support the project producers to run a successful ICO.

At the moment, the service is only available for contracted Service Operators, and we expect to open the service as the mainnet to public soon. As often discussed in the blockchain space, we strongly believe in delivering a live service that not only interacts with blockchain but most importantly have a good influence on the outer society, and we truly thank everyone in the community for supporting our project, and allowing us to take the first step. As we will be adding more features and languages in the coming months, we promise to release an extraordinary platform for public review shortly.
We have posted a sample video of the β version, so please enjoy and share your thoughts!

Fujimaru Nichols, the CEO of Wowoo Pte. Ltd. comments:
“I’ve never been so excited in my life, watching the moment of breathing in life to a product that may change the world far beyond our imagination. Wowoo Platform is not just about generating tokens, but its essence lies in its design, and design comes from considerations. We believe in a future of everyone having the chance to stand up and change the world, with a little help from our friend, “technology.”

Wowoo Platform’s default language is “inspiration”, “gratitude” and “love”, and therefore we are working on to make the simplest and yet powerful means to support anyone joining this field. We are confident in covering all A-Z in the industry, but this is not really the issue. It is rather making it readable to every single person on earth, and I know we are the only project which could achieve that.

I thank every one of our supporters and partners, and please look forward to our further launching of our service.”

New members in LIFEX and presale date determined


We are excited to announce that there will be new members joining LIFEX project!

-Mr. Yoshitake Awa (CEO of LIFEX RESEARCH PTE. LTD.)
-Mr. Winston Patrick Eric Koike (Advisor of LIFEX Project)

The changes are to be made to expand the business model of the LIFEX project with unique backgrounds in the finance industry of above members.

Also due to the changes, the schedule of LIFEX token sale was rescheduled, and the presale is currently scheduled to take place on July 28th, 2018. More information of the sales will be announced on the project website shortly.

Below are the profile of Mr. Awa and Mr. Koike:

Awa has a vast experience and knowledge in financial industry through his 30 years of career in Japan, US and Singapore. He has held various positions at major investment banks and asset managers, such as Nomura Securities, Barclays de Zouete Wedd, BNP Paribas and UOB Asset Management.

Winston Patrick Eric Koike is the Director of AP Investment Advisory Services Pte. Ltd. director of AP Advisory Services Ltd., Kenzo Capital and Kenzo GmbH. From many years of working experiences in Morgan Stanley, HSBC and other large finance group, he continuously have been serving for many partners across the world.

Updates of the Week!


1. Whitepaper of Four Nine project released!

Four Nine project has released its official whitepaper.
The presale is scheduled to be from August 1st, 2018 and mainsale from August 31st, 2018. They are accepting BTC, BCH, ETH, NEO, and WWB as the contribution method, which BCH and WWB is accepted with good discount rate. We are very excited to promote the project as its physical project already exists and the contribution raised from the sale will directly lead to proceeding of project.

For more details, please visit the official website and whitepaper below.


2. Mining project and Wallet service under discussion

As a result of attending the “Global Blockchain Summit 2018” held in Manila, we are currently under a great discussion of making a partnership with influential team to joining mining industry and cooperating on a new wallet service. As Wowoo platform aims to cover cross-blockchain P2P services in the near future, the partnership is expected to provide advanced opportunities for not only us to study and research different blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, but also to develop a whole new distribution system towards our community users.
We are also working on to integrate our token and future services to one of the most unique wallet service which is currently under development by the top pioneers in the industry, in order to standardise a safe and secure way of managing our digital assets.

3. Debutante of Wowoo Platform Beta version

We are very excited to announce that our development of Wowoo Platform is going very good. We are planning to release the Beta version with the initial features of the platform this summer, which would demonstrate how token generation could be done by easy steps to support people’s inspiring projects. As we wish to cover market demands, we will are working on to have our service available in English and Chinese. More details and some proto type pictures of the development will be announced soon.

Updates on Four Nine project

Four Nine

There are two updates on project Four Nine, the first ever physical gold mining related blockchain project in the world.

1. F9G token pre-sale date has now officially been set to August 1st, 2018 from 13:00 HKT (UTC+8:00)!!

2. Fujimaru Nichols, the CEO of Wowoo Pte. Ltd. is joining the project as a council member.

As the project is in cooperation with a publicly listed company, Atlanta Gold Inc. (TSXV:ATG) who owns a mining project in the US, it is expected to become one of a few successful project this year which would have a clear use cases backed by real entity.

The Whitepaper of the project is to be released soon.

Fuji comments as below:
" I'm very excited to join Four Nine project, as gold is considered as a physical asset which cannot be separated from human history. The idea of cryptocurrency is often compared to gold, which in some extent are similar, however are different in the way of its origin and the way of it looks. Gold, including other precious stones were made along with the mother nature over great many years, and have the mysterious power and influence towards people. Beyond science there maybe it's reason, however, the concept of combining "Gold" and it's great descended "Blockchain" would be an interesting trigger to pull to farily spread these resources and reconsider the meaning of a true value and way of treating them."

For more information, visit:

OTO-SEN Project Web release

OTO-SEN Project

We are excited to announce that a new Wowoo project which dedicates to the music industry, OTOSEN's official website has been released!

The project aims to make use of blockchain technology to create a world where musicians and artists around the world can realy shine out, by not only sharing the revenues within related parties fairly, but also by coorporating with a TV show which will be broadcasted in 8 countries.


Partnertnership with


It is our honour to announce that Wowoo Platform and are making strategic partnerships to study and contribute further to the blockchain space together.

As a first step of our partnership, we are planning to run an airdrop campaign on both sides of the website in the near future. We both believe that it is important to spread the essence of the blockchain technology to wider range of people, mainly towards those who are not yet involved in the industry. The airdrop will be targeting new users who are willing to step in to this field, and in return earn the most valid payment solution, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and the native token of Wowoo project, Wowbit (WWB), to start their new journey in the coming society.

Furthermore, we will be working on the future implementation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a mode of payment to use Wowoo Platform, which the beta version are scheduled to be released this coming summer, and full version next year. We will also consider varieties of collaboration of BCH and coming Wowoo projects.

As we as Wowoo aims to welcome inspiring and socially-appreciated projects in the blockchain space to increase more live use cases, we have already made over 10 project contracts, which mostly involves well known entities or services worldwide and are prospected to bring in large number of people in the space.

We are confident that BCH and WWB will have a great synergy in not only these coming Wowoo projects, but also the space in general to open up new possibilities to seize a new way of society for the people.

Below is a comment from Roger Ver, the CEO of of this partnership:

" is happy to partner with Wowoo Pte. Ltd., and I believe partnership between bitcoin cash and Wowoo platforms will be a new milestone in the crypto space."


Attending Global Blockchain Summit 2018


Fujimaru Nichols, the CEO of Wowoo Pte. Ltd. will be speaking at Global Blockchain Summit 2018 Manila on June 24th.

There will be presence of Politicians from different countries, including President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, a large number of internationally renowned experts and scholars, and hundreds of industry leaders at the summit to promote the blockchain technology better in the global landing.

As Wowoo is already in course of setting up a 2nd subsidiary company in the Philippines, we believe it will be a great opportunity to expand our connections with the local government and exchange
ideas in order to scale the blockchain opportunities within one of the most growing country in Asia.

Wowoo Entertainment

We believe that one of the key trigger which will play an important role to permeate blockchain technology into our society is via entertainment.

“Entertainment” is directly linked to our human instincts, and has the power to gather people together. Often in this part of the culture, one’s differences are not criticised, and the important element exist there is not where interests lies or for the sake of convenience, but simply the enjoyment we feel.

As blockchain being a technology of not only an extension of convenience but also involving philosophy of trust and consensus, it would require our society itself to change to accept them. Therefore, we’ve been discussing several ways which would allow us to interact with and start to accept the technology more casually since we started our project, and entertainment sector was one industry we decided to put effort in.

As we’ve already succeeded in supporting the release of a TV series which were broadcasted in Asia and recorded nearly 1 million viewers, which involved a scene of sending tokens to show gratitude via online media, we are planning to take our activity further to release “Wowoo Entertainment” project.

Apart from supporting ICO projects interacting with some major contents of entertainment, such as Food, sports, travels, etc., we are currently planning to set up our own brand project to support the movie/media industry. We are on final adjustment with a major production company representatives to release world-class movie contents.

Please look forward to the further announcements on the project.

2nd campaign on Bit-Z!


We are happy to announce that the 2nd promotion of WWB on Bit-Z is now under preparation.

The TOP 100 WWB traders ranked by total WWB trading volume under below period will be rewarded!!

2018/06/08 15:00 to 2018/06/15 15:00(UTC/GMT+08:00)

1st: 20,000WWB
2nd & 3rd: 10,000WWB
4th to 100th: 1,700WWB

(*Users are required Level 3 Certification to receive the rewards)

Please refer to the Activity page on Bit-Z for further information on the competition.

Four Nine (formerly "Global Gold") website released!

Four Nine

We are pleased to announce that the official website from one of Wowoo projects we have previously introduced as "Global Gold" is now released.


The official name of the project is now determined as "Four Nine" with a hope to deliver good quality of gold to the world.

Four Nine Gold token (F9G) will be distributed to support and maximize contributor’s investing opportunities through world class gold mining projects in the United States.

Atlanta Gold Inc. (TSXV:ATG), a publically listed company in Canada, will be backing up the project to provide world first real gold mining project to interact with blockchain technology.

Whitepaper and more details about pre-sale will be disclosed on their website soon.

Please look forward to their further announcement.

AEN token sale to accept WWB!


As per recently announced "ZEN project" will be playing a large role inside Wowoo community, we hereby announce that Wowoo Pte. and ZEN foundation has come into agreement to accept Wowbit (WWB) as the contribution method upon AEN token sale, which will be conducted by ZEN foundation. Unlike other contribution methods, contributors will be able to contribute to the project with a great discount rate using WWB tokens.

We are very honoured to have Wowbit tokens be accepted in ZEN foundation's token sale, as the fundamental vision of Wowoo is to support generating new values ("Inspiring value") for the better society, and AEN would be a perfect example of a new token which will be used for the right thing using the great features of blockchain technology.

Wowoo Pte. and ZEN foundation has agreed for long-term partnership to support creating real usecases among our society, which possibly could be seen working live early next year.

ZEN project website released!


We are happy to announce that the official website and whitepaper of ZEN project are now released.



ZEN is a one-of-a-kind project which is powered by Wowoo, and is expected to change the donation industry for the better.

ZEN foundation will be publishing AEN tokens, and are scheduled for their token sale this year. Being a Wowoo project, users who contributes to the project with Wowbit (WWB) tokens will receive a special offering.

As it is our important duty to support projects that will not only visualise but credit the act of good, we believe that ZEN project will play a significant role in providing simple yet meaningful use cases of the blockchain technology towards our society.

Please look forward to their further announcements.

Updates of the week!


1. Wowoo Wallet app for iOS and Android has been updated! You may now store and manage your WWB and NEP5 tokens along with ERC20 tokens in a size of a mobile.

2. Wowoo Pte. is going to hold an event at OKWAVE (3808JP) together with our council member, Mr. Roger Ver.
The event will be focusing on discussing the future of blockchain technology and Wowoo platform.

3. As Wowoo project’s aim is to support many project owners and service operators which will create an inspiring value to our society, to easily take a step in issuing new tokens and assets, generating whitepaper and offering one stop solution to secure it’s community and liquidity, our ICO platform is being developed and we are very excited to announce that our beta version of the platform may be released sooner than expected.
We currently are under talk with great institutional partnerships to expand our platform’s potential in the space. We are very excited to announce a great partnership shortly.



We are happy to announce the 1st campaign which are taking place on Bit-Z!!

Users who register their Bit-Z account from below link will get free WowBit token (WWB)!!

Total of 200,000WWB are given out in this first campaign.


QR cord

The 2nd campaign are to be announced soon too.

Wowoo Team

WEB: Bit-Z



It is our honour to announce that WWB token will make its first listing on Bit-Z ( on May 15th, 2018!!
We deeply considered out of the 6 exchanges we had great discussion with, and have decided upon prioritising long term valuation of Bit-Z.

Bit-Z has a great potential in the industry, as having its fundamentals in Hong Kong, Beijing and in Singapore, it is one of the most trusted exchange among users of both Chinese and English speaking area. The exchange provides a very low charges for its users for trading, which is another reason why worldwide altcoin traders prefers this exchange.

We are currently under preparation of a token bonus campaign, which will be releasing as much as 400,000WWB and will be announcing the details soon, so we recommend users who have yet not registered to the exchange to kindly wait until we provide further announcement on the campaign.

Please do note that you cannot deposit your WWB tokens in the exchange yet, and this will only be after our next announcement regarding this topic. Also, please refrain from contacting our contact emails about how to sign up, trade, and manage, etc. of your Bit-Z account, as these questions can only be answered by the exchange themselves.

Warmest regards,

Wowoo Team


WowBit soon to be listed!


We are pleased to announce that out of 6 global exchanges that we are currently aiming to list our native token of Wowoo ecosystem, WowBit (WWB), we have officially received confirmation from one exchange that has great impact in the industry and will be listed shortly.

There will be a campaign held for new users joining the exchange service, and we should be able to announce further about it within few days!

As we receive numbers of contacts from different projects that wishes to join the blockchain industry, we believe it is important to secure high liquidity of WowBit in our ecosystem, so that we will be able to accelerate the community and support many projects that would change our society for the better.

Kindly look forward as we will keep our community updated about listing on other exchanges too.

Wowoo Team



Please note that if you are and/or planning to use Neon wallet to store and manage your WowBit token, you must add our script hash to display our tokens inside your wallet.
Please review attached manual for your reference, and add “40bb36a54bf28872b6ffdfa7fbc6480900e58448” to your token list.

*How to display WWB token in NEON wallet

Furthermore, please also note that you will be required to own GAS in order to transfer your tokens to alternate wallets, exchanges, etc. Please be minded that we will not be sending our contributors of GAS from our side, so all contributors must prepare them if you wish to transfer your tokens in the future.
The tokens are being delivered, and should be completed very soon.

2. Lifex ( ), one of the most potential project which is powered by Wowoo, is currently under negotiation to cooperate in a Singaporean government certified health program. We believe this will create a huge synergy in all of our further projects, and be a new gateway for Wowoo community to not only be recognized by outer industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain, but also create a massive chance in creating a real blockchain use cases under our concept of creating inspiring value.

Also, please be aware that we are informed of scammers using the names of team members of Lifex, Wowoo, and Wowoo Council without our notice or approval.
DO NOT send any funds to any individual or a company which claims to be collecting funds in our behalf. We are currently under investigation, and will take necessary measure to handle this case when finding out such party.
The official token sale date will be updated on their websites soon.

3. Fuji Nichols and Gen Matsuda from OKfinc LTD. (Wowoo’s strategic partner and investor), will be attending “Global Issue 2018 : Blockchain 3.0 the Encryption of Innovation” held in Korea on May 17th, 2018. The event is scheduled to be broadcasted by Money Today Network program in Korea. As the event has great history and influence to the society, we are very excited to have our presence there to share our ideas and visions.

More project joining Wowoo!


We are excited to announce that we are welcoming 3 more official projects into our community, which will be powered by Wowoo.
All projects are currently scheduled to conduct their token sale this year.
Please look forward to further details of the projects.

1. Global Gold

Global Gold Tokens (GGT) will be distributed to support and maximise contributor’s investing opportunity through world class gold mining projects in USA.
Atlanta Gold Inc. (TSXV:ATG), a listed company in Canada, will be backing up the project to provide world first real gold mining project to interact with blockchain technology.


OISEE project will be lead by OISEE Pte. Ltd., to support wide distribution of delicious food around the world using blockchain.
Many famous personal are scheduled to be broadcasting this project worldwide, including super model of Japan and legendary singer of Korea.

3.FAN Betting

FAN Betting project is aiming to visualise and credit value towards inspiring moments and episodes throuout sports. The project will be constructing a platform where fans and players can interact and receive direct supports from the market.
Zico, the world class former footballer and coach will be the leading advisor of the project, and many famous athletes will be joining the project.

Wowoo to found
Wowoo Global Korea Co., Ltd.


Wowoo Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) has founded Wowoo Global Korea Co., Ltd. in Gangnam (Seoul, Korea) as an official subsidiary company to accelerate its marketing and brand promotions.

As Korea is becoming one of the most influential countries in the blockchain industry, considering the fact that Korea has not only one of the highest trade volume of cryptocurrencies in the world, but also owns an exchange with very high volume when excluding the leading Chinese-oriented exchanges, we wish to spread our projects and messages of our brand towards the world with huge potential. In addition, we wish to contribute to the spread of blockchain technology in the Asian region by strengthening our relationship between Korean government and local exchanges.

WowBit Token soon to be distributed!


Dear Wowoo community

It is our great privilege to announce that we will soon be distributing our WowBit tokens (WWB) to those who are whitelisted.

We are very excited as this will be the very first step for Wowoo community to take in this space.

Please look forward to further development of our platform and exciting projects to be announced soon!

Wowoo Team

LIFEX project releases Whitepaper


LIFEX, is a blockchain project aims to create a new value in the medical industry. The project will be headed to record and store great knowledges such as medical big data, medical analysis results, and health data obtained from the users via blockchain, and provide useful information to its stakeholders and commercial users.

The project was recently reported to have concluded a strategic partnership between OKWAVE. (3808JP) and I’rom Group Co., Ltd. (2372JP) to maximize its potential in contributing towards the development of regenerative medicine industry.

LIFEX project will be publishing their token, LIFEX (Symbol: LFX) to support its community using Wowoo system.

The token sale is scheduled to be conducted in May, 2018.


Wowoo to support ZEN project!

Wowoo to support ZEN project!

On March 28th, Wowoo PTE. Ltd., OKWAVE. (3808JP), and Redhorse Corporation (紅馬-KY TPEx:2928) had announced of coming to agreement to support ZEN project which will be lead by ZEN foundation. Redhorse Corporation have recently announced of partnership alliance with ZEN foundation, which is scheduled to be established in Isle of Mann.

ZEN project will be conducted along the Wowoo infrastructure, and will be releasing its original tokens which are aimed to provide transparency and micro contributions in the donation industry. ZEN project is expected to be distributed in worldwide municipalities network and Government Crowdfunding (GCF) industry as its usecases.

Further details are to be announced soon.


Requesting WWB listing on exchanges

Thanks to every contributors that supported our project, we have been able to conduct our token sale. We will now be moving on to develop and release Wowoo Platform, producing various Wowoo Tokens that represents an inspiring value, and setting up exchanges to support its liquidity and contribute to the whole ecosystem.

We currently are under inspection and requesting token listing on crypto exchanges which have not only great influence in the crypto space, but also stable market cap.

We are truly excited to move on to the next stage as being NEP-5 token, which will definitely be expanding its network in coming years.

Please look forward to further announcement.

WWB now on O3 Wallet and Wowoo Wallet for iOS released!

We are honoured to announce that WowBit (WWB) token is now listed on O3 Wallet, a mobile wallet that highly contributes to the usability from the user’s point of view inside the Smart economy that NEO community is creating.

O3 Wallet is a one of a kind mobile wallet that handles NEP-5 tokens, and we certainly believe that it is a great advantage for us that WowBit (WWB) token is listed on such wallet, which is simple and convenient for everyone to use, especially because we aim to create inspiring values inside the Smart Economy.

O3 Wallet:

Also, we are happy to announce that iOS version of Wowoo Wallet is now released.
This application is also developed in order to provide an opportunity to users that are not yet familiar with token economy, and conveniently interact with cryptocurrencies and tokens. Wowoo Wallet supports major cryptos and ERC20 tokens, and we are currently developing further version to support NEP5 tokens as well. Therefore, WowBit (WWB) token cannot be stored or transferred using this app at the moment, but we are aiming to complete the update by mid-April. Please look forward to the update!

Wowoo Wallet – App Store:

Wowoo Exchange website released

We have released the website of Wowoo Exchange.

Wowoo Exchange project is to cover major cryptocurrencies and tokens, like BTC, ETH and NEO, NEP-5 (NEO Token standard) along with WowBit and other Wowoo tokens to accelerate the market supply of the token economy.

Please look forward to more information to come soon.

Wowoo Team


Thank you for participating in WowBit token sale.
Our main sale is now closed.

We will be announcing further details on the sale shortly.

MAR 12th, 2018 Singapore

For those who are whitelisted,
you will be shown of the ICO address to send your contributions to inside your KYC portal.
Make sure to only send your contribution from the registered address.


We have released our Whitelist registration form and now began our KYC verification.

Prior to joining our token sale, you must be registered to our whitelist and submit your personal information together with a copy of your ID, proof of address and a selfie photo with the ID.

Please note that you must enter a valid NEO address, or else you may not be ablet o receive WowBit tokens back, please double check if the address is valid and would be able to accept NEP-5 tokens. (NEVER use the address of an exchange or Wallet application which are not capable of receiving unregistered tokens. Furthermore, please do not submit an ETH address. We recommend NEON Wallet.)

Upon registeration, please include Uppercase, Lowercase, minimum of one number and a symbol when setting up your password.

Our token sale is scheduled from March 12th.

Register for the whitelist here

WowBit Token Sale from March 12th!!

Dear all supporters

As we have announced on February 15th, due to our deciding to take the new step to officially join the NEO community, we have postponed our scheduled Token Sale.

Today, we are excited to announce of the official date of our Token Sale and Whitelist registration, together by updating our Whitepaper for everyone’s view.
Please note that prior to taking part in our Token Sale, you must read through our Whitepaper and must meet the conditions mentioned within.

Below are some basic information of our NEP-5 WowBit token and its Token Sale:

Token Name: WowBit
Token Symbol: WWB
Total Token Supply: 1,111,111,111 WWB

Hard Cap on Token Sale: 277,777,778 WWB
Soft Cap on Token Sale: 194,444,444 WWB
Payments accepted for the Token Sale: NEO, GAS
Price per WWB(FIXED): 0.01NEO or 0.04GAS
Minimum Contribution: 200 WWB
Maximum Contribution: 10,000,000 WWB

Whitelist Registration and KYC: March 5th to March 19th, 2018 13:00 UTC+0900, OR When Reached Hard Cap

Token Sale Opening: March 12th, 2018 13:00 UTC+0900
Token Sale Closing: March 19th, 2018 13:00 UTC+0900, OR When Reached Hard Cap

We will announce once the Whitelist registration and KYC portal is back live again.

We truly thank everyone for understanding our development.

Wowoo Team

Notice of the launch of "Wowoo Exchange" project

Wowoo aims to spread the right ICO culture to the world and a world where everyone can get opportunities.

Wowoo has decided to start a project of the international exchange “Wowoo Exchange” dealing with cryptocurrency and token exchange based in the UK / Southeast Asia. In collaboration with the international blockchain consulting company "QRC" "Next Chymia Consulting HK," we will promote global expansion of Wowoo Exchange.

In addition to major cryptocurrencies, like BTC, ETH and NEO, NEP-5 (NEO Token standard) will also be compatible at this exchange once launched. Wowoo is already doing technical development on top of NEO, one of the world’s largest public blockchain, and hence, NEP-5 token Wowbit (WWB) that is the native token of the Wowoo platform and all Wowoo tokens issued on the platform will be tradable on our exchange.

Advancing into the UK with the world's top cryptocurrency market is of great value not only to expand the international influence of the Wowoo platform but also to deal with regulational development of tokens around the world. In addition, the economic power of Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, the major cities of Southeast Asia, has already exceeded that of local cities in Japan and Korea, and we believe that becoming a pioneer in Southeast Asia where economic growth is remarkable will greatly contribute to the development of the Wowoo platform.

The road map will be released in press releases incrementally.

Wowoo Pte. Ltd.
QRC HK Limited.
Next Chymia Consulting HK Limited.


We have some exciting news which we are proud to share with you today. We have been able to come to agreement in behalf of our community for Wowoo to migrate over to one of the most potential blockchain in the industry, NEO ecosystem, far earlier than we could ever hoped.

Given this exciting development, our team will now undertake the work required to complete migration to the NEO platform, which will include migrating our ERC20 tokens. As you may well be aware, we were due to distribute these tokens via our sale on February 22nd 2018. However, given this tremendous opportunity to accelerate the sophistication Wowoo's Blockchain technology, we have decided that the best course of action is to postpone the token sale for a short period while we migrate to the new platform. Doing so will enable us to launch our sale confident that we are utilising the very best technology in the world.

We will announce further details of the token metrics and token sale very soon. Our Whitepaper will also be updated imminently. However, please be assured that there will be no changes to the fundamental concept of the Wowoo project in any way. The new developments merely allow us to base the project on the very best technology available.

Given these developments, the Wowoo team have decided that the right thing to do is to postpone our Whitelist registration period as well. We will announce the new Whitelisting period imminently, however.

We understand that any change in plans or surprises, even if very positive, can cause some anxiety. We apologise for the sudden nature of these developments, and we will endeavour, as we always do, to provide more notice to our Wowoo community in the future. We are however enormously excited to be able to join NEO at this relatively early stage in our project. As well as being a superior Blockchain technology, NEO is simply the most reliable and user-friendly community in the Blockchain space. Furthermore, having had extensive discussions with their team, we believe that NEO shares our own community's values and that this will lead to a close and prosperous partnership between our companies.

We, like NEO, believe in the Smart Economy. We aim to inspire and develop value - this makes us a fantastic match that we believe will help bring about fundamental changes to our society, for the better. Together with our new partner, will we continue to commit our best efforts to accomplish these goals. We are honoured to work with NEO and on behalf of you, our Wowoo community.

Thank you for taking the time to understand these developments. We sincerely hope you are as excited as we are. Please kindly look out for our further announcements which we will make shortly.

To the new exciting chapter in the Crypto Space,

Fujimaru Nichols & Wowoo Team

4 updates of the week!

1. We will be presenting at Vietnam Blockchain Week held in Ho Chi minh City on March 7th & 8th.
Fuji from Wowoo PTE. And Gen Matsuda from our partner OKWAVE. will be joining the event.

2. Wowoo aims to create a new value, what we call an "Inspiring Value", to our society by supporting various projects which could affect our lives.
As a part of our project, we are excited to put our focus in the entertainment sector and are currently in talk with a great prospected project as our customer to conduct an ICO on our platform.
We also are in development of a series of promotional TV drama series which is scheduled to be widely broadcasted in Asian region. Please look forward to further announcement on these events!

3. Our KYC and Whitelist registration is scheduled to open on February 15th, 19:00 +0900. (February 15th, 10:00GMT).
We will be uploading a manual for contributors to follow upon registering very soon.
Please kindly await for further announcements to be made regarding our token sale.

4. As mentioned in our statement published on January 17th, we ask everyone NOT to contact, participate, send funds, etc in ANY unofficial sales that is not conducted by us officially. We do not have any official seminars to sell our token, nor provide any distributional plans especially in countries that we prohibit from joining our token sales. Any unofficial sales that is conducted by a private person or a comapany apart from Wowoo PTE. Ltd., is NOT an official sale.

Vietnam Blockchain Week


We have now closed our Presale!
Thank you for your participation. Our next Token Sale is scheduled from February 22nd, 2018 13:00 UTC+0900.

We will inform you once the whitelist for our Token Sale is next up.


Before you join to make a contribution, make sure you have read our whitepaper and are a qualified member to join.

Please remember to ONLY purchase tokens at

Register for the whitelist


We have released our KYC check form.
You may now register for the whitelist to join our presale.

Register for the whitelist


As clearly stated on both of our website and whitepaper, we do not allow any contributions from joining our token sales made by any residents including but not limited to, Republic of China, United States and Japan, tax or otherwise.

Apart from above countries, we also do strictly monitor the regulation activities in South Korea. Therefore, there are a high chance of us not being able to accept South Korean contributors due diligence purposes towards our compliance policy.

We recently are informed of cases where our token sale are advertised in these regions, beyond our permission and completely against our policies.
We ask everyone to NOT participate in any form of sales that are not officially distributed from us, especially if you are a resident of these regions.

Please understand that these decisions are very important for us to actually proceed with our upcoming projects and our challenge to create new form of value into our society.

We are currently investigating some cases and will be giving stern warnings for the unpermitted activities.

Wowoo Pte. Ltd.

Da Hongfei (founder of NEO) Joins Wowoo!

We are very excited to announce Da Hongfei is officially joinning us.
Da Hongfei
CEO of Onchain, founder of NEO, key opinion leader of the Chinese blockchain industry, serial entrepreneur,a Bachelor of Arts graduate capable of coding virus with assembly language. Da Hongfei is blockchain advisor to a handful of banks, brokers, and clearing houses. He has keen insights on the underpinning technologies, various application scenarios, and the industry structure. Da Hongfei came across Bitcoin in 2011, and worked fulltime in the industry since 2013. In 2014, he founded NEO, a blockchain to register, transfer, and exchange digital assets, and led the startup to become the benchmark in the Chinese blockchain community.
For details please read updated White Paper ver 1.21.

Roger Ver Joins Wowoo !

We are very excited to announce Roger Ver is officially joinning us.
Roger is is known to everybody in the cryptocurrency space as top runner investor.
After founding several successful companies in Silicon Valley, Roger began his Bitcoin journey in February 2011. Years before traditional venture capital firms became involved, he became the first person in the world to start investing in Bitcoin related-startups, nearly singlehandedly funded the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses. His current investments include,,,, and many others.
For details please read updated White Paper ver 1.11.

Wowoo Wallet Android ver. 1.0.0 Released !

A Private Mobile Wallet can store crypto-tokens that are used inside the Wowoo platform in a secured and seamless environment.
Multi-Coin and Tokens: Manage various crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash and many more, together with all ERC20 tokens.
Lite Wallet: Trade and store cryptos by only downloading the minimum required information. Reducing the internet environment and the device model limitation impact.
HD Wallet: Restore assets using 12 words generated passphrase upon creation of the Wallet account, in case of changing or losing the device.
Linked to Wowoo Platform: Access exclusive content and platform and store Wowoo Tokens directly on the wallet.
iOS version is also in development.
Reference: (for English) (for Japanese)

OKWAVE. to consider ICO on Wowoo platform.


We are pleased to announce that OKWAVE. (stock code:3808JP), the first and one of the biggest Q&A social community in Japan, is officially considering of running ICO on Wowoo platform. Owning 30 million registered members (solely from Japan) in their service, it will be a huge impact if this ICO takes place, as it would be the first model case to giving economic value towards great impressions provided by people.

Released Whitepaper v.1.10 !

We have released our Whitepaper v.1.10 for Wowbit Token sale.
The Whitepaper is available in English version, which covers the overview of Wowoo ecosystem and our token sale.

Wowoo to release “Wowoo Wallet” in early December

Wowoo Pte. Ltd. (Singapore, CEO:Fujimaru Nichols) is scheduled to release an ICO platform early next year, based on the concept of placing value towards inspiring and heart moving arts of people. Prior to releasing the Wowoo platform, Wowoo is launching their private mobile wallet, which could store crypto-tokens that are used inside the Wowoo platform, together with alternative tokens. Beta version of “Wowoo Wallet” app for Android OS is estimated to be released early December 2017, while iOS version will be released towards the end of this year.
PDF Download

According to Coin marketcap, there are about 1,000 types of cryptocurrencies and tokens that are based on blockchain technology. Wowoo Wallet were developed for its users to casually and securely manage variety of tokens inside their smartphones. Using Wowoo Wallet, users will be able to store and manage over 100 types of cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, etc., without entrusting any third parties for its care within their mobile devices.

1. Multi coins and tokens
In order to own cryptoassets, users needed to own high spec computers and mass storage devices, or to prepare separate wallet services for each series of cryptos they own, which have been preventing users without expertize in this field to join the community. In recent years, Ethereum tokens are becoming widespread and users needed to prepare My Etherwallet or Mist, etc wallets to store the tokens. These barriers of entry to the crypto industry have been a huge subject among the community, leading to rapid development of countermeasures, as seen in well-known wallet services like Bread wallet and Lykke to announce corresponding to Ethereum tokens.
With the use of Wowoo Wallet, users would be able to manage various cryptos together with Ethereum tokens on mobile devices, in advance to other services. Wowoo Wallet can store any ERC20 based tokens.

2. Security
"Wowoo Wallet" adopts lite version of HD wallet.
# Lite Wallet
Lite Wallet downloads and handle only the minimum required information to trade and manage tokens, which enables users to save private information within their own mobile device, without downloading all blockchain information. Not only the downloaded data will be lite, but it also receives less effects of restrictions on the internet environment or the model of mobile device itself. #HD Wallet (Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet)
HD Wallet adopts the mechanism which is able to manage Public key, which is the user’s account number to trade, and the Secret key, which is the password, fully separated. The Secret key is only stored inside user’s local device, without been opened online to any third party. Therefore any risks related to inside security of the managing entity or getting cracked are exclusively low. Using HD Wallet, users would be able to restore their assets using 12 words generated upon creation of the Wallet account as a password, in cases of changing or losing of the devices.

Wowoo completed the first fundraising

We are pleased to announce that we have completed a fundraising from OKWAVE. (a listed company of Japan:3808JP) successfully.
Our CEO Fujimaru comments as follows;
"I'm excited that the OKWAVE. group, the top runner in the block chain industry in Japan, became our investor. We will make upmost efforts to provide our first-classed impressive service to more than 30 million users of the company."