WWB is the native token of Wowoo Ecosystem, issued on Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20 Standard)*. The token represents the circulation of gratitude/goodwill by people inside the community, and can be used in multiple ways; reward community users, spend or get discounts in merchandise, receive community airdrops and more!

【Token Metrics】
Token Name: Wowbit
Token Ticker: WWB
Token Type: ERC20 standard Token (Ethereum)
Token Classification: Utility Token
Contract Address: 0x98c5aa4319Df4C6a88679A32420121F1b184A068
Token Decimals: 6
Total amount: 1,111,111,111WWB

【Token Distribution】
Token Swap & Campaign (40%)
Marketing (30%)
Reserve (25%)
Founder (5%)

*[IMPORTANT] We have officially closed WWB Token Swap period as of March 23rd, 2021, and no longer support Wowbit (WWB-NEP5) token in our services. Please note that we will not be accepting any further token swap requests under any circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.


Join the new Token Economy!

Wowoo Platform is an one-stop Token Economy solution system, which offers Dashboard, HD wallet, Token issuance and Smart Contract (SAC), and Token distributor on Social Media channels (ETD).

Wowoo Portal

Access to Wowoo community benefits

Wowoo Portal, is a multifunction mobile application that supports Wowoo community users to access various campaigns and P2P trading platform.

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Wowoo BC

Community-centered EC Platform

Wowoo BC is a P2P online shop, which connects the producers and consumers of the community to enjoy a safe trade between the parties.


Experience the NFT movement with us!

Our exclusive NFT Marketplace offers anyone to be able to issue original Non Fungible Tokens “NFT” (ERC-721) with easy steps and trade them within the community! We encourage NFT trading through out Incentivization model and P2P matching engine to create liquidity to unique NFT assets.


Simple experience to manage your community

We provide whitelabel solutions of our KYC platform, which enables producers to collect and manage their client information with intuitive UX and customizable qualifications. Feel free to inquire for more details.

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