• wowbit

    WWB is the native token which were issued to support people’s nature to behave nicely to others. Inside the Wowoo ecosystem, WWB can be used for several activities such as to accredit the supporters inside the community, enjoy exclusive services among the community, get discounts on the e-commerce platform, and more!

  • wowclassic

    Wowbit Classic (WCC) is a utility token to use alternate blockchain platform from WWB to build tokens and smart contracts on the platform.


Develop the inspiring project in your mind

Wowoo Platform is a system which supports consulting of ICO/STO projects as well as allowing users to manage their accounts across different SNS channels.


A Truly Global Cryptocurrency Exchange

Wowoo Exchange has the best-in-class, asset security and is committed to following all regulations. We collaborate with regulators and stakeholders to better understand and shape the future of digital asset standards. First-time users as well as seasoned traders can trade cryptocurrencies with confidence using our intuitive and customizable user interface.

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Store and manage your WWB and favorite tokens

Wowoo Wallet, a private multi-asset mobile wallet, is an application for Android and iOS designed to conveniently yet securely store NEP-5 tokens, including WWB and WWX, along with some of the major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and other ERC20 tokens in one’s hand.

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Shaping the New Generation of Free Market

Wowoo BC is a new Free-Market P2P trading service. It allows the trade of daily commodities like food or cloths as well as intangible assets such as time, ideas or consults. It can include assets that require contracts like real estate or copyrights. Cryptocurrency owners can issue tokens that interact with their products and trade a whole new value across the globe.

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