ZEN Foundation (the “Company”) will provide customers with a new type of service that utilizes block chain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) as a global platform of donation. From the perspective of “Block Chain and Artificial Intelligence Merging Technology”, we solve many social problems surrounding donation with utility type electronic tokens. We believe that many stakeholders can benefit by using this token system and a new ecosystem based on new type of donations will be build.




Service provided by the operator


ZEN Foundation will record and keep donation transactions, analytic results and useful outcomes on block chains and provide useful information to stakeholders such as donators, recipients, donation intermediaries.
By using the ZEN tokens (AENs) issued by the Company, donators can select variations of new charity acts, the recipients and intermediaries can secure their transparency and launch more attractive charity projects.

Social Issues

The following are the social issues related to donation.

・High remittance costs for small contributions

・Poor convenient facility to continuous small amount of donation

・Conventional anonymity practice not satisfying donators

・No reward for the amount of donation

・Poor disclosure regarding the use of funds donated

・Poor disclosure as for outcome of the recipient

・Mismatch of period between multi-year project and one-time donation

Small charity is a lubricant that links our lives with a peaceful society. However, bank remittance is time consuming and expensive, and other remittance means are old fashions. The adverse effect is a suppressive factor for picking up the sprout of charity. If there were people who wanted to donate regularly, that obstacle would be repeated.

Donation itself is the joy associated with leading a virtuous life, but many people seek a kind of noneconomic reward. However, in many cases, donator does not even have a means of informing the fact that he / she did the act.

Furthermore, the use of donation money is unclear, and disclosure by intermediaries such as foundations that mediate donation used to be not active.

In addition, despite the desire for both donators and recipients to build relationships for more than one year as the purpose of donation increases, the donation is temporary in many cases, so even if donations are established the relationship is not maintained at all.

Even though people recognize that the donation is important, a social problem is that there are many factors that hinder donation, such as cost, motivation, reliability, dilution of post-donation relationship.


As a clue to solving, we decided to build a platform specialized for donation using block chain technology. The AEN token we issue has the following characteristics.

1. Optional functions provided to donators: Donators Option

・Covenant donation: This conditional function allows recipients and/or intermediaries to set fair conditions to donators upon building fundraising event. For example, setting a release of donation fund on condition that results of the recipient's achievement goal of the project.

・Lionization option: The prize option is named after the donation record is earned, and its name is engraved permanently on the platform billboard and block chain.

・Microdonation Option: This is an option that donators can send a small amount of donation and donate to your favorite donation target project.

・AEN Allocation Option: This option allows donators to allocate the AEN token balance holdings for the multiple projects

・Eternal Record: With the permanent record function, donator can browse his/her noble acts until it reaches the generation of descendants such as children and grandchildren. It leads to generations-wide donation education.

・Devaluation Option: This option allows donations in smaller currency units than fiat currency. Fiat currency donation requires a certain amount of donation due to its remittance cost burden. We will remove that barrier.

・Evaluation report of the recipients and/or intermediaries

2. Functions provided to the recipient or intermediary

・Look-through Report: calculates the ultimate funds usage and increase transparency.

・Donator's behavior & status survey and analysis report

・Analysis reports on AEN token holders allocating assets to the recipient's donation project

・Analysis reports and Recommendations by artificial intelligence (AI)

・Advice on project building and its campaign


ZEN Charity Platform (ZEN-CP)


ZEN-CP is a new block chain utilization type platform that removes the psychological and convenience obstacles of people who intend to donate, and makes donation culture more familiar.

Donators can learn about donation recruitment projects on PCs, PC connected TVs, smartphones, etc., and easily find the subjects they like and support. Donations such as joint donation and change are easy, but there are not many things that I do not know well what to use, but ZEN-CP enhances the transparency of all projects. Donators simply purchase AEN tokens (or use the AEN token they possess), select a fundraiser project, just check the recruitment conditions and send it. The AEN token is a virtual currency so you can exchange it with other currencies.

How and when the Donator donates to the project is stored as transaction data on the block chain and how the funds were used is also recorded and saved in the same way. This has the effect of enhancing the awareness and motivation of the recipient to the charity project.

Donator Big Data Dynamic Analysis


In ZEN-CP, we will perform kinetic analysis with artificial intelligence (AI) for donation big data recorded in this block chain. This allows recipients to know the social evaluation of their charity projects and make improvements.

ZEN-CP gives appropriate advice to the recipient, as well as gives feedback and suggestions such as improvement results to Donators and can also develop more attractive reward offer as well. In addition, when starting a donation project newly, by specifying personal attribute information (PAI) of a holder who performed similar donation activities in the past and recommending donation to the potentialdonators, the new recipients (charity project owner) can rise the success probability.

For the donators side, they can meet effectively with preferable charity projects by recommendation, with matching hobbies, preferences and problem consciousness etc.


Takamasa Kawasaki


Kaneto Kanemoto
Representative Director, Founder and Executive Chairman / OKWAVE
Gen Matsuda
Representative Director, President and CEO / OKWAVE
Yoshiaki Nakamura
Yumiko Watanabe
Director of Kids' Door
Fujimaru Nichols
CEO / Wowoo Pte. Ltd.
Takashi Onozawa
Advisor / Redhorse Group
Ranjit Majumdar
Executive Director and Founder/GLC
AKM Ismail
Executive Director, Zen Global Ltd, London



Token Symbol AEN
Payments Accepted BTC, ETH, NEO, WWB (WowBit)
Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000 AEN
Hard Cap on Token Sale 450,000,000 AEN
Soft Cap on Token Sale 330,000,000 AEN

Use of Proceeds

Development 10%
Marketing 40%
Business Development 25%
Legal & Regulatory 5%
M&A Strategy 20%


Token Sale 45%
Reserve & Inventory 25%
Legal & Advisory 3%
Team Token 27%


The ZEN project has one focus: creating a viable donation platform in the shortest time possible.

July 2014 – April 2018
Redhorse Corporation as our supporting partner has been concluding the agreements regarding providing supports to municipal governments in Japan for “Hometown Tax Payments” based on the governmental donation market “Hometown Tax Industry” system.
Redhorse Corporation has been providing various service packages to municipalities, such as resident tax collection, rewards development, supply chain setup, logistic of rewards, taxpayer information management, CRM, settlement payment etc. As of April, 2018, the number of the contract municipalities reached approximately 250.
January – March 2018
The Company developed and designed brand new highly efficient and perfectly transparent donation model and its platform utilizing experiences and know-how regarding business development of Redhorse Corporation in order to solve so called "agency issues" that exists in the conventional donation market.
May 2018
White Paper and Concept Validation:
With the release of the white paper and the resulting community feedback we will fine tune the concept and laid out the roadmap for the ZEN Charity Platform (ZEN-CP).
August 2018
September 2018
Token sale & ICO
March 2019
Product Development 1:
Development of AEN will be completed
March 2019
Business Development 2:
Field test with some municipalities
- Apply AEN token to “Hometown Tax Payments” and design collaboration with community currency by municipalities.
July 2019
Product Development 2:
Development of prototype of ZEN-CP products will be completed.
Business Development 3:
Start official introduction to municipalities donation market.
March 2020
Business Development 4:
Expand the market scope of ZEN-CP to all donation industry including corporations, foundations and academic institutions.
Promote AEN denominated donation project to the municipalities market.
January 2021
Global Expansion:
Start global expansion of the ZEN-CP with track records in various and enough use cases in Japan. The company will target Asian countries first, then North America and Europe. Finally, the company will cover even African countries. This priority will be determined by considering the situation such as growth of cloud funding, presence of massive donation market, stable contribution culture and massive needs as recipients.
December 2023
Aiming to establish most reputable status in global market