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The "New Power" Approach the World Needs to Combat Authoritarianism
New Power: Open. Participatory. Peer-Driven.


Join the Fight Against Authoritarianism From Anywhere in the World



Access insights from leading experts.



Collaborate with projects and supporters across the globe.



Support advocacy projects on the front lines.



Innovative financing system to enable more effective infrastructure investment.

A New Way to Approach an Old Problem

Our "New Power" approach brings the power of the crowd to organizations on the front line

・Liberty Ecosystem is a network of local organizations
・Liberty uses blockchain to emprower organization across the world to solve problems locally
・Liberty provides a common collaboration infrastructure to create local movements that scale



For Political and Economic Development Organizations

Designed to help organizations build local movements

・Manage all your inbound and outbound social communications from a single dashboard
・Mobilize a global community around your issue more quickly and effectively
・Raise capital faster from a wider network



For Individuals

Join the Movement with Liberty’s App

・Support organizations on the front lines on the fight against authoritarianism
・Learn about the threat from experts around the world
・Vote on important issues and funding for the organizations you support



Team and Advisors

Yasu Kikuta
CEO and Co-Founder
Milos Vukosavljevic
Chief Technology Officer
Reiko Narutomi
Investor Relations
Hideki Ikeda
Chief Technical Officer


Jikido "Jay" Aeba
Chairman, Co-Founder
Edmund C. Moy
Board Member, Advisor of APCU
Charles Kwon
Board Member
Gen Matsuda
Board Member
Young-Jae Choi
Advisor – Chairman of KCU
Ivan Chong
Strategy and Analytics Advisor
Steven Jacobs
Strategy and Go-to-Market Advisor
Camille Landau
Start-up and Blockchain Advisor
Phil Lavery
Business Development Advisor
May Pao
Partner Strategy Advisor
Sinisa Rogic
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer - OmniSparx
Satoru Suenaga
Corporate Finance Advisor


Q2 2019
- Demo and Alpha
- Key partnerships for platform
- Smart contracts - based on ERC

【Governance & Voting】
- Demo and alpha version

【Token-Based Funding】
- Demo and Alpha - give /receive tokens
Q3 2019
- Beta version

【Governance & Voting】
- Beta version

【Token-Based Funding】
- Beta - give /receive tokens
- Key partnerships in place
Q4 2019
- V 1.0 release

【Governance & Voting】
- V 1.0 release

【Token-Based Funding】
- V 1.0 release - give /receive tokens
- Demo and alpha version - variable dividend
Q1 2020
【Token-Based Funding】
- Beta version - variable dividend

【Marketplace Services】
- Alpha version
Q3 2020
【Marketplace Services】
- Beta version
Q4 2020
【Marketplace Services】
- Beta release