The purpose of the project is to make it simple for anyone to support prefer musicians and artists in the whole world by using block chain technology. Blockchain technology allows fair revenue sharing between stakeholders and accelerate incubation of new talents. This project is collaborated with a group company of Japan major TV broadcasting group and is bringing in to view of expansion globally all at once.



Service provided by the Operator

Business of OTOSEN

OTO-SEN platform will record and keep smart contracts for copyrights, delivery of music, revenue sharing for musicians and collaborated artists, also provide uninitialized functions to consumers such as popularity voting.

By using the OTO-SEN tokens (OTOs) issued by the Company, musicians and artists can start up easily their activities, consumers can explore more discovering new talents and participate in supporting activities to them.


Music Markets Overview

Digital defeats Physical

After global recorded music market had endured 15 years of significant revenue decline, it grew by 8.1% in 2017. This was also growth the third consecutive year and one of the fastest paces since 1997.

Digital distribution including streaming channel exceeded physical sale first in 2013 and digital won 70% of market share in 2017.

The gate to the new music world is now opened

According to MIDiA research, in 2017, three companies, Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, accounted for about 70% of the music market, while the world's indie label occupies about 30%.

This growth rate of indie recorded a 27.2% increase over the previous year, in fact it is the fastest growing segment in 2017. The number of artists who generate revenue by directly selling music through platforms such as Tunecore and Bandcamp, etc., increased in total amount to 472 million USD (50.8 billion yen) in 2017 and increased by more than 100 million from the previous year 371 million.

The world's music market has been told mainly around the world's three major labels such as Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, etc so far. While, these indie market sections were considered excluded from the world music market. However, the existence of indie-based labels that have grown about $ 500 million in 2017 and are growing much faster than the three major labels in the world is too big to be no longer ignored.

In such a period, utilizing the Internet, the artists themselves self-promoting, delivering music to the world freely, and the world directly connected with fans is approaching. Indeed, the gate to the new music world is now opened.


Social Issues

Artists, particularly musicians, have dramas of their lives that face such challenges, fights against discrimination, anxiety, setbacks, conflicts, blessings. In order to bloom these artist's talent, it is necessary to sustainably support with spotlighting to their growing process.
Tossed coin and tips to street performer is a small proof that the artist is recognized in the world. If the name is added to singles in the hat, he/she will know the name of the first fan. Discovering artists is by no means by some professional hands. The action of tossed coin to a street performer is the first step that consumers discover a new talent and it means also voting.
For artists, art is the product of multiple copyrighted works such as language, music, photographs, movies, the rights management is cumbersome, and in the case of group work it is even more complicated. Although it is possible to outsource the copyright management to the intermediary, but often higher costs and not transparent. Troublesome and time-consuming contract work disturb the direct agreement between artist and TV medias etc.

Block chain technology enables for consumers to discover talented artists, to incubate them and, for artists side, to manage rights by themselves and to make smart contracts with medias etc.
As a clue to solving, we decided to build a platform specialized for artists using block chain technology. The OTO token we issue has the following characteristics.


OTOSEN Platform
Popularity Voting

For consumers:

・Let's toss the OTO-SEN token to your friends or talented musicians you discovered in the city. Of course, there is no need to hide your name.

・OTO-SEN platform records your supporting activity in the blockchain.

・Your cumulative supporting activities will be benefited by the musician in the future. For example, priority rights for concert tickets, entry right of TV program viewing etc. These benefits will be planned and provided to you by the musicians.

・Besides, OTO-SEN platform will support to identify you as an Early bird supporter of the musician who contributed to incubate the star. You will be able to be memorized as one of the star makers.

・Further more, OTO-SEN platform and incubated musicians will prepare various benefits to supporters.

Smart Rights Management System

For musicians:

・Let's proactive your musical activities on the OTO-SEN platform.

・You can finish the contracts with music delivery company, concert venue, various staff members and co-stars with very simply.

・OTO-SEN platform is not an agent of you, but we provide unique blockchain based tools that enable "manage yourself", with troublesome sales/expenses administration will be gone.

TV Program “OTO-SEN”
Emerging middle class in Asia accelerate the media-entertainment growth

The Asian region is a rapidly growing region, and as social infrastructures such as broadcast communication are improved, content consumptions are activated rapidly. The 6 ASEAN countries retain approximate 300 million middle classes (annual disposable income of over $5,000), which is estimated to lead future music industry.

Therefore, OTOSEN believes that targeting first this region is making sense. The media and entertainment industry increase the revenue of 1 to 2 trillion JPY every 5 years, and for artists, revenue source shift to LIVE events/ merchandising would offset income decline caused by low reward ratio of streaming.

(Source of Graph: Euromonitor International, World Consumer Lifestyle Data book 2009, IMF International Financial Statistic 2010, Price Waterhouse Coopers (2016) Global entertainment and media outlook 2011-2020. Note: The market scale 29,118 MMUSD is year of 2011)
Marketing Strategy

With the rise of streaming services like Spotify, listeners have made it easy to access any music.
However, for the artists side, both the decrease in revenue (revenue per view is about 1 / 100th of downloading) and the trends of music driven phenomenon ("Often listen, but don't know who.") are new issues to cope. Therefore, OTOSEN challenges to the theme of "beyond Streaming".
OTOSEN is a unique project not "songs" driven but for "artists", and our mission is to change the promotion of "music based" to "artist base". OTOSEN will positively broadcast as TV program by the reason that promotion including artist's inner side and humanity is effectively possible. OTOSEN distribute programs to Asian countries through our own TV program OTOSEN and seamlessly connect WEB, TV and real events.

Overseas Broadcasting Cooperation: Waku Waku Japan Co., Ltd. (Co-Invested by SKY Perfect JSAT and Cool Japan Organization) source
OTO-SEN Program Information

Program name: OTO × SEN
Broadcasting countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Vietnam, Myanmar

On air broadcasting schedule:

・Otosen Season 1
~ December 2, 2018

・Otosen Season 2
Scheduled to be broadcast.


Our team is a healthy mix of Software Engineers, Blockchain Developers and Consultants, Design Experts, Marketing & Branding Specialists – all committed to the success of this venture.

Masayasu Masuzawa
Co-Founder / OTOSEN Team
Alexander Abramoff
Chief Producer / OTOSEN Team
Suyeon Gu
Marketing Partner/ OTOSEN Team
Caoli Cano
Business development / OTOSEN Team
Krishnan Narayanan
Technical Advisor / OTOSEN Team


John Pantle
Advisor / Vice President at APA Talent and Literary Agency
Joel Diamond
Advisor/ Producer
Anthony Little
TAdvisor/ Composer
Eric Yeo
Advisor / Polygram, Former CEO


OTO-SEN Council is an organization to review Token Sale issuing companies and projects on the Service Platform and to review the social nature of the project, and the Councilors are block chain engineers, proprietary technologies, founder, initial investment It consists of houses etc.

Toshiaki Yagi / Ph.D in Medicine
Councilor / Promotion of Medical Contribution to Society, President
Producer / Intellectual Property Analyst
Music Copyright Administrator
Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property