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Wowoo projects aims to contribute to the new token economy to support inspiring activities across the globe.
We can support you to design visual value backed by your unique project. Let’s get started to spread your inspiration through blockchain!

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Wowoo can spread your inspiring projects to all over the world!

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How we can support your project to its success

General process of establishing a token economic projects

  • Create a business plan

    Create a business plan

    Design an appropriate business scheme by deciding the business model, researching regional risk, corporate governance, tax and legal issue, etc. prior to the fundraising.

    ⇒Answer our online survey and we can draft your business plans. We also offer exclusive options for detailed designing and consultancy supports by our experts.
  • Create a Whitepaper

    Create a Whitepaper

    Whitepaper is a document that summerises the business plan of your project and explain the project service, usage of the token, terms of token sale, etc. It is an important material for the supporters and investors to judge the quality of your project.

    ⇒Answer our online survey to quickly create a simple whitepaper framework. We can brush up your whitepaper by accessing our experts.
  • Marketing


    Set up a website of the project to appeal to the public. Upload new announcements and updates of the project for supporters review. Supporters are always seeking for fresh information.

    ⇒You can easily create a dedicated web page for your project on our platform. We also have exclusive options for creating and operating a high quality website depending on the project need.
  • Issuing original token

    Issuing original token

    Issue your original token used in the service of the project, and deploy your Smart Contracts to utilize the blockchain technology.

    ⇒Enter simple details of your token, and easily issue your token on the blockchain without any expert skills. SAC will allow you to manage token rights in simple steps.
  • Conduct token sales

    Conduct token sales

    Offer and manage presales and crowdsales to raise the funds needed for the project. KYC (Know Your Customer)/AML (Anti Money Laundering) verification and an efficient customer managements are needed to secure the project.

    ⇒Easily manage your sales activity and customers with our tools, and conduct KYC/AML check of your customers on our platform. We also offer extensive support for the customer supports.
  • Creating liquidity of the token

    Creating liquidity of the token

    Promote your project stated in the whitepaper with the raised funds and communicate with your users to expand the liquidity of the new token. Listing a token on an exchange is one way to provide means of trading.

    ⇒Wowoo Exchange supports the tokens generated in the Wowoo community and promotes the tokens to all over the world.
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*We will inform you sequentially after accepting your application.

Reasons why people choose Wowoo

Governance by front-line councilors

Governance by front-line councilors

We have established the Wowoo Committee which consists of councilors who are professionals and entrepreneurs active in the front lines of each field. Governance as a platform works as the Wowoo Committee reviews the social characteristics of projects, and it will make your project posted on Wowoo easier to gain credit for supporters and investors.

Wowoo team, councilors
Stress-free Platform

Stress-free Platform

We will support your very unique project from A to Z. Implement, manage, finance and other processes are made very simple with our extensive services and tools.

Wowoo Platform
Expand the influence of your project

Expand the influence of your project

Wowoo Evangelists are the supporters of our community who sympathise with our visions and missions. We can help you to extend the business opportunities of your project outside our platform so you can solicit more supporters and investors.

Wowoo Evangelists
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*We will inform you sequentially after accepting your application.